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Joshua D. Smith

Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Community Leader 

Joshua D. Smith is the Owner and Founder of Your Speaking Voice. After many years of unique life experiences and hardships, Josh learned what it takes to reach personal and professional goals, while leading a balanced, fulfilling life. Through his own struggles, he found a passion for personal development and helping others find their "speaking voice" as they learn new skills, overcome challenges, and gain their confidence in whatever they pursue. 

Our Mission

"To transform our way of engaging our “voice” in the ever evolving world."

Our Values


By building personal connections, we share our utmost dreams and aspirations.  We foster relationships in building opportunities that we would have otherwise not have done by ourselves.


Each client is entitled to a opportunity, regardless of background or skill set, to become the best version of themselves.  Through confidence, we become better in willing to challenge ourselves in the ways we pursue our aspirations.​


Without drive, we may lack some of the pursuit of the opportunities that are before us. By building determination through time, we create passion to pursue our inner goals that may be often lost through other events throughout our lives.

Our Services

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Personal Development



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Public Speaking

Giving a Speech
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