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Meet Joshua

Entrepreneur, Coach, Keynote Speaker/Workshop Presenter, Community Leader 

Joshua D. Smith is the Owner and Founder of Your Speaking Voice, a personal and professional coaching and public speaking company based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Joshua got his start in personal/professional development and public speaking in April of 2012 through his extensive involvement in an educational non-profit organization called Toastmasters International, and through the professional development opportunities that have existed.


Toastmasters International operates clubs both domestically and internationally that focus on teaching leadership, development, and public speaking skills. Joshua quickly excelled in Toastmasters International and found that he had a passion for leadership and helping others find their confidence and their true "speaking voice". Joshua has held all club officer roles and most District level positions in Toastmasters International and belongs to numerous clubs throughout the organization. Joshua has also been recognized as two-time Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest award the organization bestows for achievement in leadership and communication.


Joshua continues to pursue an active role in the community in a variety of different capacities, which includes serving on boards and commissions to help further the mission of empowering others to become the best version of themselves. 

Outside of his community involvement, education is something that Joshua has always taken great pride in. His academic achievements include a number of degrees from Alvernia and Shippensburg University. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Communications from Alvernia in 2009, a Masters of Business Administration from Alvernia in 2010, and later a Masters of Public Administration from Shippensburg in 2014. 

In the professional world, Joshua has held multiple positions with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for over a decade which includes a variety of data analytics, procurement (IT and non-IT), budgeting, business process improvement (IT and non-IT), legal compliance, and working with the blind. He has applied his public speaking and development skills in the professional world to tackle numerous public speaking engagements and presentations from all levels of the organization, including executive and senior management, Boards, and Commissions. 



Joshua D. Smith MBA, MPA, DTM

There is nothing more important than being the best version of yourself.  Regardless of where you are starting from, let yourself blossom into the voice you were born with and take charge of your emerging potential.


Distinguished Toastmaster Award

The Road to Redemption

Imagine yourself having your voice taken away from you when you felt that you were not the best version of yourself.


On February 23rd, 2020, the most devastating feeling in the world shattered the birthday of Joshua.  The feeling when you were no longer able to control your surroundings; where you felt that no one was around to pull you from the abyss that you had fallen into; the feeling of rejection no matter what you tried to do.  After suffering from depression and anxiety for several decades, Joshua's three-day experience at a mental rehabilitation hospital started his journey to bring back the self-value that all of us have lying dormant inside of ourselves. No matter how desperate situations may seem, there is always hope to be reborn.


This business is founded on this core value: to find your “Speaking Voice”.  No matter what stage of life you are in, whether it is personal, professional, or to expand your growing skillsets, you are a valuable person and organization that deserves to be at their very best.  Let us create that vision of the best “you”, regardless of your story!

Past Speaking Engagements

Workshop Presenter- Federally Employed Women (FEW) (Annual Conference, Cleveland, Ohio - 2023)

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 11.32.12 AM.png

Workshop Presenter- Next Generation Personal Training (Mechanicsburg, PA - 2023)

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