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Professional Development 

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Resume Writing 

One of the most important components of landing a job is your approach and appearance to an employer. A vital aspect of these things is your professional resume. Your resume lays out your credentials, education, and experience that employers look for when filling a position.


Your success or failure in gaining their consideration could largely depend on how well organized and thoughtfully written your resume is.


At Your Speaking Voice, we can help you write, organize, and optimize your resume to ensure you stand out from the crowd and are on the path to success. 

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Interview Preparation

Social Media Refinement

Interviewing for a new job can be challenging, stressful, and also rewarding when you land your dream job. Making a good impression in an interview can make the difference between looking good on paper, and being viewed as a true asset to a company's team in the workplace. 

Your Speaking Voice offers interview preparation services to ensure that you enter your next interview with the confidence you need to succeed. Through proper coaching and advanced preparation, we can help you avoid common mistakes, build your confidence, and make a lasting impact on your next interviewer. 

Social media has changed the modern world as we know it. These service platforms have allowed people to connect with others and share information in a way that the world has never known prior to its introduction.


As a result, it has become a common practice for employers to research potential hires outside the workplace by scanning through their social media profiles. The information they obtain could impact your ability to land a job depending on how you conduct yourself on social media platforms. 

Your Speaking Voice offers assistance for those who would like to optimize their social media accounts and ensure that they are portraying themselves in professional and trustworthy light to employers and recruiters. 

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Brand Development

Brand development services are available at Your Speaking Voice to help improve your professional image. If you're having trouble with your brand's perception in the marketplace or are simply unsure of the next steps to take, we're here to help. 

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Career Development Coaching

A business coach can be a valuable asset for a professional who is focused on making progress in their career field. Your Speaking Voice offers business coaching services for professionals of all skill levels to include but is not limited to; middle management, senior level management, and business executives. 

Business coaching with Your Speaking Voice will often focus on development goal setting, objectives and outcomes, assessment profiles, and measured outcome development.

Public Speaking 

Are you working on a speech that is professional in nature? Click the button below to check out our Public Speaking page! 

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